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About MK Raghavendra

About MK Raghavendra

(born 24 December 1954, Bengaluru) is an Indian film and literary scholar, theorist, critic and writer who had, till 2023, authored eleven volumes on cinema including two anthologies that he edited, a book on literature and one on politics. He has contributed to numerous newspapers and periodicals in India and outside like Caravan, EPW, Outlook, Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Frontline, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, The Wire, Firstpost, The Book Review and The Indian Review of Books. His essays on film have been anthologised in books published by OUP, Sage, Bloomsbury, BFI and Routledge among others. He received the Swarna Kamal, the National Award for Best Film Critic in 1997 and a two-year Homi Bhabha Fellowship beginning in 2000. He has lectured in educational institutions like the University of Hyderabad, Viswa-Bharati, JNU, IITs and IIMs and he is a former secretary the Indian chapter of FIPRESCI, the International Federation of film critics with his central office in Munich.
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